About Mark Peters

Expert marketers and product launch clients from around the world all agree that Mark Peters is not only an expert Product Launch Manager, but an all-around “Top Bloke” as they say in Mark’s native Australia.

Take a look at these testimonials for Mark Peters.

Here we have Jason Van Orden, noted Podcaster and New Media Guru thanking Mark for his work on his launch.


And here is Doug Fath, noted Real Estate Investor and Information Product Entrepreneur, talking about Mark’s amazing work on his 7-figure launch.

Hubert Lee, a web marketer based in New York City, worked with Mark Peters on various launches and looks forward to collaborating again with Mark on future product launch projects.

Lisa Pfister of Toronto, Canada also speaks highly of Mark. She’s particulary impressed with his easy-going manner and knowledge of product launch issues.

Mark Peters is a sought-after manager that specializes in both on-line and off-line product launches.

With experience launching his own products in a variety of niches, Mark understands the frustrations faced by product owners. Mark became involved in helping other people launch their products when he saw how may product owners became disheartened after their products failed to produce the financial rewards they expected.

Mark was recently invited to attend the prestigious training event hosted by Jeff Walker, product launch guru who made famous many of today’s product launch best practices and techniques.

Mark’s mission is to help as many product owners as possible to achieve their dreams of getting their products out to as many people as possible.

Here’s Mark himself talking about some product launch best practices and the awesome power of the Product Launch Formula.

As you see, Mark Peters has a lot to offer and is very passionate about sharing his knowledge. For more valuable tips on product launches and marketing, enter your name and information to sign up for Mark’s newsletter.

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