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Product Launch

Questions about Product Launches

March 1, 2011

Tweet Due to popular request, I’m going to post some frequently asked questions that I get from prospective clients. I’ll start with one that I get from many entrepreneurs: What exactly is a Product Launch and how can it help me? Simply put, a product launch is a way of creating a high amount of […]

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Build a Product Using a List

February 8, 2011

Tweet Another common question concerns the lack of a finalized product. A client may ask me, How do I get around the fact that I really don’t have a product yet? I’ve built an opt-in list but don’t feel like I know what to offer them exactly. You can actually use launch techniques to figure […]

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Will a Product Launch Work for Physical Products?

January 9, 2011

Tweet I met a business owner who asked me whether my product launch techniques are only for information products delivered online or if they would work for a physical product. The answer is that a product launch would indeed work very well for hard goods. Whatever type of “widget” you are selling, you can use […]

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