Questions about Product Launches

by Mark Peters on March 1, 2011

Due to popular request, I’m going to post some frequently asked questions that I get from prospective clients.

I’ll start with one that I get from many entrepreneurs:

What exactly is a Product Launch and how can it help me?

Simply put, a product launch is a way of creating a high amount of demand for your product such that when the product is finally available, you generate an amazing number of sales. It can kick start your business and ensure you a loyal following of customers.

A product launch is done through a carefully orchestrated series of contacts with the people on your list. Each email they read or video that they watch builds anticipation for the release of your product. Your audience gets to know your story and, by the end of the marketing sequence, are actually begging you to let them buy your product.

Hard to believe? Contact me today and I’ll tell you a couple of stories that will both enlighten and amaze you.

Mark Peters

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