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Meanwhile, here are the other videos I promised.

In this video, I speak about 3 mental triggers that you want to hit in your audience.

And in this video, I talk about the need to differentiate your product and optimizing your sales techniques.

Due to popular demand, I am making available the transcript of this video series:

Hey folks,  it’s Mark Peters here and I’m a product launch manager.

Today I wanted to talk to you about launching your product.
Now there is a realy good chance you have never heard of me before.
I use a system that has literally changed how things are
sold online and offline, its been tested and is a proven
system taught to me personally by Jeff Walker the king
of product launches which he has used to sell 10s of millions
of dollars worth of products. And if you know of jeff walker last
year he released a new product and sold $3.73m dollars in
34 hours and in the first hour he sold 1$m worth of product.

This system workd in every type of market including
online and offline services, hard products, information
products, retail stores, doctors, chiropractors, authors and
all types of products. You could not imagine what and
how many markets the product launch system can be
launched in.

Before i became a product launch manager i was just like you.
I had great products that didn’t sell well in the market place and
i know how frustrating it can be to effectively communicate your product story.
This led me into learning everything i could about
effectively launching products. I mixed and learnt from the best
marketers and product launch managers in the world. Frank Kern,
Eban Pagan, Ray EdwardsDon Crowther, Martin Howie,
Todd Brown and Hubert Lee. Just to name a few

Recently I was invited by Jeff Walker
to a Product Launch Managers Conference in Los Angeles
with a select few other Product Launch managers from around the world.

The event was designed purely to make sure each and
everyone of us understood the strategies and tactics within
Jeffs proven Product launch formula system.

Now i want to move on and discuss some of that system

There are these certain mental triggers that are present in
all of our brains. All of us have them to some degree or another
they are basically built in and you can go back into evolution theory
and they were there. trust me on this one.

They exist in our brain. Its not hocus pocus, its not phsyco
babble. These are tested things. Tested mental triggers that
influence us to a huge degree. If you take these mental
triggers and incorporate them in your marketing the results you see
will be astounding.

I have seen it in my business and
other peoples businesses who use this system. Use these
mental triggers and they work. They have been working for 100s
and 1000s of years and will work 100s of years from now and are deadly effective.

Now this is really important.
There is 3 factors with the internet that allows you to hit these triggers. These triggers have been around for 100s of years, but the internet allows us to hit these triggers in a way that you could never do it before.

Now here is these 3 factors

1    is the cost of communicating
2    the speed of communicating
3    the internet tivity

Lets start with the cost of communicating. To send and email doesn’t cost you anything. To put up blog costs you very little if anything and social media, doesn’t cost you anything. So you have this very low barrier to publishing and getting your message out online.

Now if you want to hit one of these mental triggers or hit two of them you can’t do that if you are using tv commercials – space ads – classified advertising or radio or whatever. You just can’t afford to do i, but online we can afford it.

Speed of communication is really important, if you see something happening or a new idea comes upto you or you learn about a new objection or learn about some new information you can send that information out and hit the mental triggers immediately.

Boom Boom Boom and it only takes you seconds to send that out. It doesn’t take you anytime at all.

Now the 3rd is nternet tivity. It doesn’t exist on tv or radio or classifieds but online you are interacting with your prospect so you can find out what their objections are and as you know in sales if you can answer all their objections it makes the sale really really easy.

A lot of times we don’t know what the objections are, but with product launch formula you answer them ahead of time and you do that by using internettivity. The speed of the internet and the low cost of the internet.

So these are the things that make this work and in the full product launch formula we have some 10 or 12 triggers that you can hit and stack them on top of each other and they become a lot more effective. Its almost like the shock and awe. You hit them with one trigger and you hit them again with another trigger and then another and another. Now they stack up and it becomes more and more effective and there is a whole bunch of these in the product launch formula.

Now i don’t want to keep this video going forever so i am only going to talk about 3 of them.

  1. Social proof
  2. Scarcity
  3. Authority

If we see a whole bunch of people doing stuff we are more inclined to do it also.  So  if you reflect on this there is so many areas of your life that this has actually affected you The analogy i like to use  is if you  are driving down the street and see 2 restaurants opposite each other one with a beat up old car outside and the one over the road with 10 cars outside  which one would you go to. Most likely the one with 10 cars because all those people must know something. Obviously those people are going there for a reason, because it must be good.

Another example is you get off an aeroplane and there are 50 people in front of you and they all turn right what wuold you be likely to do. Your going to turn right too. They don’t go looking for the baggage tram themselves they follow each other  and then look for the signs to find the baggage tram. That is social proof in action

Now if you can show that in your marketing and show other people are interested in your product that will act as social proof and people are going to be more interested. This means most people must know something about this product and that is why they are interested.

There’s ways you can increase social proof in your business, but when you
are online you can create lots of different ways like blogs, social media with lots of people making comments and showing how excited they are andthrough video, so there are lots of ways to create social proof which gets more people interested. Its like a magnet it pulls more and more people in and that ties directly in with scarcity, the second factor.

Scarcity is when there is less of something we want it more. We see it every christmas when the next great toy comes out and people scramble to get it and when it is scarce or sold out in most of the shops people start to search everywhere to see if they can get it because they don’t want to miss out. This happens over and over again. Just look around your own office or your home and you can see things you bought because there wasn’t enough of them. Things you bought because they seemed scarce at the time.

Now if you can build scarcity into your business it makes things a lot lot more effective. The product launch formula is all about setting up the scarcity and the social proof that leads into that scarcity. This is two sides of the coin that work really really well together.

Now the 3rd one is Authority. Often we will give people authority, like a uniform. If someone puts on a white coat you assume they are a doctor and we give them authority and we listen to whatever they say. The same with policemen we give them a uniform we give them authority, the same with Firemen and Pilots we give instant authority. But it goes way beyond simply uniforms. There are other ways to create authority.

One of the ways is to be a publisher, which means you have got a blog or you make a video and upload it to youtube. As soon as you’re a publisher you get instant authority. You can write an article which is a good example, and get published in a magazine. But it is so much easier to get published online. You can set up a blog in 10 minutes from now and the minute you set up a blog people give you instant authority and video gives you instant authority also.

So now you can start to see the power of the product launch formula. If you can introduce many of the factors into your launch you will be amazed at the outcome.