Product Owner Tips

What Can You Do to Ensure a Successful Launch of Your Product?

Product Launch ChecklistWhen I meet with entrepreneurs, small business people, authors and other product owners, I’m often asked for advice on what they can do to ensure successful launches.

Here’s a quick checklist for you to use to determine how far along you are in your product launch planning. If you realize that you’re not ready, don’t worry. I offer a complete suite of marketing services to help you with what you need.

A Checklist to Save You from Disaster

  • Is the product complete?
  • What bonuses will I offer?
  • Are there upsells? How about downsells?
  • Is my merchant account / payment system ready for the launch volume?
  • Do I have my Resources / Launch Team?
    • Project Manager
    • Content Manager
    • Product Czar
    • Copywriter
    • Technology/Web/Design
    • Affiliate / Joint Venture Manager
    • Virtual Assistant
    • Customer Support


mark-petersContact me today to find out how ready you are for your product launch. I’ll walk you through my personal checklists and let you know your next best steps.


Mark Peters